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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  (time flies when you’re celebrating the Cage Centennial)  After a week of incredible evening concerts, inspiring masterclasses and colloquia, and probably more rehearsals than one typically juggles in a performance season, we end our time at SICPP this year in a 6hr+ marathon in Brown Hall (and by 6, we really mean something like 8).

The detailed program is listed below, and includes works by our 2012 Composition Fellows, Reich’s DRUMMING, Cage, Wolff, the 2012 Electronic Workshop, and much more, with an on-going installation happening in Room 124 in the Jordan Hall building.  Come and go as you please … !  And feel free to stay for all of it.  Final countdown begins now!

CAGE Cartridge Music
WOLFF Pieces for Julius
Electronic Workshop group collaboration piece
Nick Vines Les Effaceurs (2010-2011) for solo guitar ~ II. Bambenga, III. Safari
CAGE A Book of Music
Simon Hanes, I Reckon
Ariane Miyasaki, The House My Grandfather Built

FELDMAN False Relationships and the Extended Ending
D. Edward Davis, deer
WOLFF Tilbury
Scott Scharf, clairaudience
DUSMAN Magnificat I
WOLFF Berlin Exercises

WOLFF Sonata
REICH Drumming

CAGE she is asleep
CRUMB Makrokosmos III Music for a Summer Evening (I, III, V)
Ryan Krause, Current Affairs
Alex Pozniak, Tower of Erosion
CAGE forever&sunsmell
Marek Poliks, tress/burl

Seunghee Lee, Nostromo
WOLFF Exercises
Sid Richardson, Synergie
ZORN amour fou
CRUMB Madrigals book IV
Jason Huffman, Ear, Nose & Throat
Haley Shaw, Diva
CAGE Experiences I

Daniel Lewis, Things Were Heightened
CRUMB Vox Balanae
HYLA House of Flowers
Kevin Church, …Poetically, Man Dwells…
CAGE string quartet

Robert Wolk, Petrichor Will Pass Fireflies Virga by Blue Summer, a Nocturne
Benjamin Irwin, Strange Alchemy
ZORN music for children
CAGE Concert with Aria

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