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In upcoming on May 17, 2011 at 1:22 pm

(excerpt of Tristan Murail's Winter Fragments)

In just a few weeks, we’ll be stretching into spectral domain with the likes of Gérard Grisey, Tristan Murail, Fabien Levy, and Joshua Fineberg.  We’re most pleased to announce that we’ll be in residence at the inaugural Spectral Summer Professional Performance Workshop at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, with Fineberg as composer-in-residence.  Both Fineberg and Stephen Drury will be leading the workshop in introducing the exquisite details of spectralist music, including microtonal intonation, extended timbral techniques, and orchestral fusion.  All this will lead to the centerpiece of the 2011 workshop, a piece newly written by Joshua Fineberg called Counterfactual, scored for 9 instruments (a Callithumpian commission), to be performed at the culminating concert on Sunday, June 5th at CFA Concert Hall at 8pm.

On his piece Counterfactual, Joshua Fineberg writes:

Counterfactual history attempts to answer “what if” questions; it seeks to explore history and historical incidents by extrapolating a timeline in which certain historical events did not happen or resulted in an outcome which was different from that which did occur.  In this manner, the piece Counterfactual takes the central gesture of Giacinto Scelsi’s trio Okanagon and reimagines a new sound-world out of that gesture, creating a completely new work.  Scelsi’s gesture acts as a doorway into a completely different musical world, which unfolds in ways that would have been totally foreign to Scelsi.  The result is an impossible balance between memory and possibility, where the past and future rewrite each other.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Fineberg, who has had a long history in coaching ensembles in the art of spectral music, having worked with Ensemble Fa and Court Circuit in Paris, as well as with Ensemble Sospeso, Speculum Musicae, Columbia Sinfonietta, Argento, and the Manhattan Sinfonietta in New York.  He’s also served as artistic director in overseeing the recordings of music by Tristan Murail and others with ensembles such as the renowned Ensemble InterContemporain.

We’re currently in the process of conducting a special interview with both Fineberg and Drury about the Spectral Summer workshop, which we will post in the next few days — stay tuned!

— more soon, from your friendly

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