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Praise for Left Coast!

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2010 at 1:06 pm

Callithumpian Consort performs Left Coast at the Gardner

Cold and rainy weather did not dampen the spirits of our audience last Thursday at the Gardner Museum!  In short, our 9/16 Left Coast concert was an American landscape panning from Songbirdsongs (John Luther Adams) and the Suite for Cello and Harp (Lou Harrison), smearing into James Tenney’s Swell Piece and ending with In C by Terry Riley.

From the Boston Globe: “…How else to describe the serene, seamless flow of four works by Californian and Alaskan composers that made up the Callithumpian Consort’s program titled “Left Coast’’? Of course, there is no single unifying Pacific aesthetic, but it was impossible to miss the tactile richness and mellow colorings that ran through very distinct works by John Luther Adams, Lou Harrison, James Tenney, and Terry Riley. They were played here as one extended offering, without breaks for applause, a kind of four-movement West Coast Symphony…” (Jeremy Eichler).  Read the rest of the review here.

And from the Boston Musical Intelligencer: “…Closing with the longest performance of the evening (though not nearly as long as many renditions) was the most compelling performance of Terry Riley’s In C I have yet to hear (including some widely circulated recordings by Bang on a Can and a number of other performances I’ve played in myself).  The pacing of In C is the key, and it is what differentiates true, convincing performances from underwhelming, indiscriminate ‘jam sessions’ on the piece.  Subtleties –such as how Philipp Stäudlin emerged and submerged the bright tone of the soprano sax into the texture, and how violinist Ethan Wood chose the absolute perfect time to highlight the harmonic motion of the piece (yes, there is indeed harmonic motion in In C) with an appropriate change from viola to mandolin–are what made this performance shine.”  Read more of this review here.

Congratulations to all!  Coming up next: Robert Ashley/Alvin Lucier/Christian Wolff on Tuesday, Sept. 28th at 8pm in Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory (Boston). We’ll be playing Ashley‘s in memoriam…Esteban Gomez, Lucier‘s Crossings, and Wolff‘s Rhapsody.  Admission is free, but come early to snag your seat!

–more soon, from your friendly

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