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the hourglass bleeds still

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 at 3:42 am

Chaya Czernowin: what a treat to hear three of her pieces in one concert.  Tonight, Callithumpian performed Sahaf, Afatsim, and The Hourglass Bleeds Still.  Each work was quite unique — at times, the sounds were curt, robust and physical, cut with intertwining moments of sparse, spiderweb-like strands; later on, the music was seemingly frozen and preserved in an other-worldly dimension.

An absolutely gorgeous program.  We’re thrilled to have her as our resident composer this year at SICPP.

Earlier today, Czernowin advised Composition Fellows Bob Hansler, Mark Poliks, Mischa Salkind-Pearl, Victoria Cheah, Anne Goldberg, and Michele Zaccagnini in the New Works masterclass; we had colloquia by Electronic Workshop Fellows David Dominique and Eli Stine; and back-to-back rehearsals in preparation for Saturday’s monumental IDITAROD.

Tomorrow at the Gardner will be an all-electroacoustic concert starting at 1pm, with Jonah Kaproff, Rane Moore, David Dominique, Kyle Adam Blair, Zach Herchen, Eli Stine, Stephen Upshaw, and Dave Tarantino performing.

And now, photos as promised!

Scott Deal

Percussionist Scott Deal preparing for Saariaho "Trois Rivieres"


Callithumpian members (L/R) Yukiko Takagi, Franziska Huhn, Gabriela Diaz, Jessi Rosinski, Ethan Wood, Ashleigh Gordon, Elizabeth Lowell Hobson, Benjamin Schwartz, (back) Jeffrey Means, vocalists Thea Lobo & Paula Downes performing Nicholas Vines "Torrid Nature Scene"


Callithumpian post-Vines "Torrid Nature Scene"


Callithumpian with Vines onstage

Callithumpian performing Sahaf

Callithumpian members (L/R) Yukiko Takagi, Nick Tolle, Maarten Stragier, Derek Beckvold performing Czernowin's Sahaf

Callithumpian performing Afatsim

Callithumpian members (back row, l/r) Yukiko Takagi, David Goodchild, Jeffrey Means, (front row, l/r) Jessi Rosinski, Ethan Wood, Mary Cicconetti, Gabriela Diaz, Rane Moore, Benjamin Schwartz performing Czernowin's Afatsim

Callithumpian performs The Hourglass Bleeds Still

Callithumpian members (L/R) Gabriela Diaz, Ethan Wood, Ashleigh Gordon, Stephen Upshaw, Benjamin Schwartz, David Goodchild performing Czernowin's The Hourglass Bleeds Still

Callithumpian with Chaya Czernowin

Callithumpian with Chaya Czernowin

Callithumpian closing bows

Callithumpian taking their last bow

Boston Celtics/Lakers riot preparation

Boston Police arrive at Jordan Hall: SICPP riots? Hm!

Signing off,

P.S. Friday’s 8pm concert in Williams Hall features Canadian pianist Corey Hamm, with performances by soprano Jennifer Ashe and percussionist Nick Tolle — not to be missed!  Free admission.


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