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Schleiermacher yesterday, Saariaho and Vines today

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2010 at 6:49 pm

Quick summary of yesterday: if you didn’t catch the Schleiermacher concert last night, YOU MISSED OUT!  Steffen Schleiermacher, one of our special guest artists for SICPP 2010, performed a riveting and uninterrupted program of Lachenmann, Rihm, Stockhausen, Goldmann, Richter de Vroe, and a work by Schleiermacher himself (were those e-bows in the piano?).  Very serious repertoire; the perfect complement to Schleiermacher’s subtle sense of humor.  He’s a triple-threat as a pianist, composer, and conductor, and among numerous awards, won both the Kranichstein and Gaudeamus prizes in the 80’s.  His former teachers include Friedrich Goldmann and Aloys Kontarsky.

Earlier today was the Schleiermacher piano masterclass, composer colloquia with Michele Zaccagnini and Victoria Cheah, Electronic Workshop presentations on spatialization and interactivity, and countless rehearsals.

THE CALLITHUMPIAN CONSORT will be performing Saariaho‘s Trois Rivieres tonight with percussionists Scott Deal, Mathias Reumert, Joe Becker, Nick Tolle, and conductor Jeffrey Means — get ready for the mysterious sounds of de-correlated French poetry and delicate cymbals in quadraphonic design!  (you’ll want to sit as near to the center of Jordan Hall as possible).  The beautiful and provocative Nicholas Vines piece, Torrid Nature Scene, will be performed tonight by this spectacular list of folks: Gabby Diaz, Ethan Wood, Ashe Gordon, Ben Schwartz, Jessi Rosinski, Elizabeth Lowell Hobson, Franziska Huhn, Yukiko Takagi, Jeffrey Means, Paula Downs, Thea Lobo, with the (in)famous Stephen Drury conducting.

And yes, pictures will be coming soon.  Don’t forget — we also have concerts at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum at 1pm throughout this week!

Chugging this Zen tea before the concert.  See you there!

More soon,

P.S. TOMORROW (Thursday) at 8pm in Brown Hall: Callithumpian performs the music of Chaya Czernowin — Sahaf, Afatsim, and The Hourglass Bleeds Still.  Free admission!


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